Alleviating stress

Experienced, reliable & hard-working

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, we have many years’ experience of working with rental properties. We have a swift and methodical approach that allows our family-run team to work on your property and get it ready to go back on the market.

We know that clearing a property, especially if the items aren’t yours, can be stressful. That’s why we step in. We help take the pressure off so you can focus on more important things.

"At a difficult time, we really needed someone who could come in and make the whole ordeal easier. A friendly face and a considerate professional was what we got. Thank you."

Ernest Allen, Cainscross, Stroud

Professional Clear & Clean Service

Difficult tenants?

Unfortunately, every so often, we’re asked to help a landlord clear their property after the tenant has left unexpectedly… leaving the home in a bad way. If this is you, don’t even stress about getting it done yourself, give us a call and let us do it for you.

We clear the property, return to clean it (professionally) and when we hand it back to you, it’s ready for vacant possession. If you’re legally required to keep the tenant’s leftover belongings for a period of time, we can even deliver the items into storage for you.

End of Tenancy

Moving out?

If you’re a tenant moving out of a property and would like a hand clearing it, we can help too. We’ll come in, clear the items and clean the property afterwards. We’ll take any unwanted items to be recycled/upcycled/donated to charities – always avoiding landfill. If you’d like the majority of your items re-located to your new property, check out our House Removals Declutter Package.

Clearance with respect for your loved one

Dealing with a bereavement?

If you’ve lost a friend or loved one and are being faced with clearing their rented property, we can help. We’re experts in providing specialist support during house clearances when a bereavement is involved. We have a kind, calm and caring approach and we will ensure that we conduct the whole clearance with respect for your loved one.


Did You Know?

Avoid an Empty Property

Leaving a property vacant for longer than necessary is never a good thing. Getting the clearance and cleaning complete before photographs are taken and viewings are completed, can help get tenants into the property much faster.

Increase Your Rent

If there are viewings taking place whilst the house is in a state, or the photographs aren’t the best, you may feel like you should accept a lower rental offer. Remember that your lovely property is still in there somewhere. Allowing us to complete the clearance before people view the property can help you get your asking price for the rent.

A Personalised Clearance

If your property also has a garage, shed or garden that needs clearing; that’s absolutely fine. We can help to get all areas of the property presentable and get it back in a great position to go on the market. We can change locks, carry out drain downs and even liaise with (or recommend) other services such as electricians, plumbers etc.

Most jobs are completed within 24 hours of receiving the keys and we can often get started within a few days. So, if you’re keen to get your property back on the market, or your move-out day is fast approaching, give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We’ll give you a free quote and will be happy to answer any questions you have.