Do house clearance companies do house removals?

Every house clearance company operates differently. Most house clearance companies that we’re aware of, focus solely on removing unwanted items from a property and disposing of them. Not many clearance companies will offer a ‘removals’ service. This is where, if a client is moving home, the company clears the property, taking items the clients wants to keep to the new property. Then they will dispose of the unwanted items too.

Clear and Clean House Clearance are really proud to offer both house clearance and house removal services. But… with something a little extra. We do house removals with a difference. We even include cleaning in our packages, so there’s no need to hire an additional company to help. Check out the below questions to see how we’re so different from other house removal companies around.

How does the process work?

You simply book us for the moving date that you need. We’ll come and start boxing things up and labelling them by room in the weeks beforehand. Then we’ll remove everything on moving day, so you don’t need to do a thing. Oh… and we’ll also return to clean the property!

What happens to items you want to keep?

We stagger our removals package over a period of time, so things aren’t left until the last minute. This way, you can see things coming together. From a few weeks before, we’ll agree on dates to come in and start boxing and labelling things up, room by room. When the time comes for the big move, we’ll simply come in, pop everything onto our van, and unload all boxes in the appropriate room in the new property.

What happens to items you don’t want to keep?

All you need to do is let us know the products you don’t want to take with you. We will then segment these items by material/items that can be donated/salvaged.

We never take items to landfill, so will either recycle, donate or upcycle your unwanted belongings.

What services do you provide?

With our house removal declutter package, we do all the boxing, clearing and moving. We’ll return to the property to clean it to a professional standard, so it’s ready for its new occupants.

We take a lot of time to ensure all unwanted items are dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. Any items that can be salvaged will be taken to charities/our friends who love to upcycle old products. Any items that can’t be salvaged will be segmented and recycled. So, you can be assured you aren’t contributing to the ongoing landfill epidemic.

We also have a huge amount of experience working with sensitive removals/clearances like hoarders and bereaved families. We provide an incredibly personal approach, with emotional support; with many of our clients saying we become part of the family for the time we’re with them. So, if you’re going through a hard time and are worried about trusting a company to come into your home and sort through your belongings, please call David for a chat and some reassurance.

When do I pay?

There are no up-front costs with our house removal declutter package. Full payment can be made after the project is complete/when the house hits completion. Why? Because we understand that moving home is stressful and expensive. So, if you need us to wait until your house completes for payment, we’re happy to do that.

Who do you work with?

We work with so many types of clients. We work with direct clients who are moving home/decluttering, hoarders, bereaved families, companies who are moving premises etc.

We also have partnerships with Estate Agents, Solicitors and other types of businesses. We know that companies like Estate Agents prefer to refer their clients to companies they know they can trust. That’s why, when it comes to Estate Agents referring clients to a removals company in Gloucestershire, we’re always the first choice.

If you’d like to know more about the process, have any more questions or would like a free quote, please call David for a chat today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.