Why picking an eco-friendly house clearance company is important

When you’re responsible for clearing a property or conducting a house removal, you may just want to go for the company that allows you to save the most money. Cost is usually a huge factor in a house clearance because the reason people are clearing their properties is usually expensive itself. For example, when you’re selling a house, you have to think about solicitors’ fees etc.

As time has gone on, people are starting to see just why using a professional house clearance team is an absolute necessity when clearing their property. You wouldn’t pay someone who’s good at giving advice, but has no legal experience, to help with your house sale instead of a solicitor, would you?

One of the many reasons (and trust us, there really are ‘many’) that you should choose a professional house clearance company is because they should have a strong focus on the environment. If you just hire a man with a van to do the transporting/removal of waste, chances are, your items will end up in landfill or dumped on the side of a road. Then you’re either contributing a lot towards global warming, or you’ll potentially face a large fine for ‘fly tipping’ (if documentation is found which leads back to you).

Why is being environmentally friendly so important for house clearance companies?

Most brands around the world are now realising that their processes are having a huge effect of the planet. Organisations’ carbon footprints are extremely large and most companies around the world are making a conscious effort to reduce the impact they have on the planet.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, being ‘green’ is our at ethos. We’ve spoken on our blog many times about how bad landfill is for the planet. As landfill decomposes, toxins and greenhouse gases like methane are plummeted into the air. This is so harmful to the environment and is the exact reason we need to stop taking items to landfill.

As a house clearance/removals company’s main task is clearing unwanted belongings, many organisations are at risk of taking items straight to landfill to save time. Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’re quite the opposite. We do everything within our power to avoid taking any items to landfill. We built our company around this ethos and it’s something we’re extremely passionate about.

What can companies do instead of taking items to landfill?

We have a specific process that we follow religiously to make sure we’re being kind to our planet.

We always request that the property owner doesn’t pre-bag/box any items that need removing. This is so we can go into the property and segment everything from scratch. We will select the belongings that we feel still have some life left in them and either donate them to charities, third world countries or take them to our friends who do charitable upcycling – to give them a new lease of life.

After this, we segment the leftover items by material so they can be recycled. We have great partnerships with recycling companies all over Gloucestershire who we regularly visit with materials.

Many people faced with clearing a property will pay for a removals van, skip and a cleaner too. The beauty of using Clear & Clean House Clearance is that we are all 3 of these in 1 company. After clearing everything, we come back to clean the property too. Also, we always use cleaning products that we salvage – so we’re not buying unnecessary plastic.

Our environment is such a hot topic in the news at the moment and for good reason; how we treat the planet in the next few years will be crucial to its future.

When you’re looking for a company to clear your property, please ensure they are environmentally friendly and avoid taking items to landfill as much as they possibly can. If you like the sound of what we do, give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a chat and a free, no obligation quote.