Why Estate Agents should join forces with a House Clearance companies

If your estate agency has never considered reaching out and partnering with another, like-minded company, you may be unsure why you’d want to. There are endless benefits to partnering with another organisation such as reaching a new audience and giving your clients some additional value within your existing relationship.

When deciding what kind of brand to partner your agency with, it’s important to ensure your purposes and visions align. Otherwise, what’s the point?

One of the most popular types of partnerships for estate agents, is a house clearance company. Your clients need their house cleared; and we clear houses. It’s that simple.

Here at Clear and Clean House Clearance, we already have some flourishing partnerships with estate agencies around Gloucestershire, but we always try and accommodate more. We’re here to tell you exactly why partnering with Clear and Clean house Clearance is good idea, for you both you and your client.

For you, the estate agent

1.Environmental focus

With the focus on climate change never being bigger, most companies are trying to do their bit to show to the world they’re doing their bit. Did you know that the average home-move in the UK creates 16.8kg of CO2 emissions? That’s the same as keeping a lightbulb on for over 53 days. Shocking, we know.

That’s based on a normal house move, using multiple cars and still undertaking regular trips to the tip etc. Here at Clear and Clean House Clearance, we do everything within our power to avoid taking items to landfill. Our whole business structure evolves around the environment. Instead of taking items to the tip, we will take them to recycling centres, up-cyclers, charity shops or donate them to third world countries.

Your company can take great satisfaction in knowing that by referring clients to us, you’re hugely helping cut down the contribution to CO2 emissions in every single house-move/clearance.

2.Added value

a.Complete trust

We have a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. We frequently return valuable items (such as money/jewelry) that had been forgotten about, that we stumble upon when clearing a property. We are good people who want the best for each and every client.

b.No up-front fee for clients

Yes, you read that right. We’re a very trusting company and we get that a house sale can be an expensive time; what with solicitors fees, agency fees etc.

We provide a quote at the start of the project and don’t charge anything at all it’s completed.

c.Reliable and trusted partner (invaluable)

There’s nothing worse than making a recommendation and not being confident in their ability to deliver. Especially if these are long-term clients that you’ve neutered through multiple house sales. You only have to check out our recent customer reviews to know that this won’t ever be the case.

Estate agents love working with us because they know the job will get done and their clients will get looked after to an incredibly high standard.

d.Guarantee that property will be ready on time

We know that lots of people are involved when a house is being sold. We know that completion dates get moved around and we also know that not every house sale is straight forward. People work, people have to sell houses during difficult times and not everyone has the time to clear a property ready for completion.

If clients don’t want the stress of doing everything themselves or are concerned about getting the property back to a good standard in time, we will ensure that it’s ready. Not only do we clear the property for the client, but we return and clean it so it’s ready to go back on the market, or to be passed on to the next owner.

So no one has to stress about whether or not the property will be ready.


We’re unlike other house clearance companies. Over our many years in the industry, we’ve maintained a strong focus on our client approach. We have a huge amount of experience in dealing with sensitive house clearances such as hoarders and bereavements.

We train our staff in such a way that ensures we are providing the most amount of support that we can to clients going through difficult circumstances. Something that we’re told, time and time again, has made a huge difference in many family’s lives.

3.We refer back to you

Although we work with lots of other businesses like estate agents, we also have a huge proportion of direct clients too. Many of these clients are still in the clearing stage and haven’t yet chosen estate agents to sell/let their property. In this instance, we will always make recommendations to our estate agent partners, in whichever area the client is in.

Why partner with Clear and Clean House Clearance?

As we mentioned above, partnerships are a great idea for any organisation, as long as they’re partnering with a brand whose purposes align with their own. There is so much value to be added to both of the organisations partnering; but also, the clients of the companies too.

We know that your clients choose you for a reason, because they trust you to do the best job. We want to add credibility to their whole experience. So, they know that when your organisation makes a referral, it’s one they can trust.

Overall, we’re incredibly passionate about helping people and about doing the best job we can do with their home. If you’d like a chat about how a partnership could work, and how we could help you and your clients, give us a call today 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We’ll have a chat, see how our brands align and go from there.