The number 1 company to partner your Estate Agent with

Moving home is usually a stressful and emotional time. Whether someone is selling/letting their property due to a change in circumstances, a family bereavement, or whether they’re just finally saying goodbye to their childhood home; emotions are normally at a high.

Many home sellers will hire a team/man with a van to help with the move. But when dealing with a sensitive situation, such as bereavement or losing a family home, it can be hard to deal with commercial companies, as to them, your client’s house is just another house to clear.

On the other side of things, many home sellers won’t have the funds to invest in a clearance right now. So, they’ll try and do everything themselves. We’re here to tell you exactly how partnering your Gloucestershire-based Estate Agent with Clear and Clean House Clearance will make your client’s lives easier and save them a lot of time, stress and up-front cash.

1.Extremely personal approach

As mentioned above, most clearance companies/van hires take on every house removal as just another project. This will mean a normally impersonal approach, which can be difficult when leaving a property with fond memories or clearing a loved one’s previous belongings.

The main thing that makes us unique from all other clearance/removal companies, is that we truly focus on the client and their needs. We tailor every single house clearance to each family/individual and by the time we leave, we’re very much considered a part of the family.

2.Specialities in sensitivity and difficult situations

We recognise that no house move is straight forward. We have years of experience in dealing with extremely sensitive and difficult situations. We’ve spent a long time working with hoardersbereaved families and more, ensuring that they are fully supported through the whole process and that they don’t feel alone.

3.Exceptional quality of work

We’re known for being the company that goes above and beyond to get the job done. Your clients won’t need to hire a cleaner/van/removals company because we’re three of those in one! Once we’ve cleared the property, we will always return to clean it back to pre-sale standard, ready for vacant possession.

An Estate Agent we work with actually recently received an email thanking the team (us) for leaving the property in such immaculate condition. It meant the new owners could move in more or less straight away, something which was totally unexpected by all parties.

4.Added perks

Towards the time of the move-out date, we even put together a little ‘care package’ for clients. This is usually a box which contains essentials such as phone chargers, plates, cutlery, spare clothes, towels etc. All those things that you don’t want to be rummaging through boxes for, directly after moving.

5.We’re completely green

Our business is modelled around looking after the environment. By Estate Agents referring their clients to us, they’re doing more than their bit for the environment. We avoid taking unwanted items to landfill at all costs, resorting to other options like recycling, donation, upcycling etc. Every year, our company stops over 552 tons of waste from going to landfill. You and your clients can be a part of that.

We also securely dispose of sensitive data such as bank statements in what we call a ‘confidential offload’. Or if a client prefers, they can enquire about shredding services. The removal is truly theirs and we’ll always try and accommodate their needs.

6.Pay nothing ‘til house completion

Yes, you read that right. We don’t charge clients a single penny until their house completes. There is no deposit and no added interest. We get that moving home/selling a home can be expensive in terms of fees. So, that’s why we try and do our bit to help ease your client’s cashflow.

7.We have a genuine passion for helping people

Adding to the list of other things you probably won’t get with a man with a van, is genuine passion. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories and seeing how we can tailor our service to help them in any way possible. Every clearance/removal we do is different, and we love a new challenge.

If you’d like to have chat to see how a two-way referral partnership could work between us and your Estate Agents, get in touch today. You can also hear about the incentive packages we put together for each Estate Agent referral! Give us call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086, and we’ll go from there.