Services that house clearance companies provide – Part 2

Until you’re in the position of needing to hire a house clearance company, you probably won’t be aware of the services they provide. You’ll probably think, “they clear houses”, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you did think that!

The fact is, everyone’s circumstances and properties are totally different. There are no 2 house clearances that are the same. For that reason, there are lots of different types of clearances that companies like us offer.

In our last blog post, we started to introduce the different types of services that we at Clear and Clean House Clearance provide. Here is part 2:

Rubbish removal

We’re so passionate about the environment and maintaining our ‘green’ ethos, which is why we provide a rubbish removal service.

We are expert ‘segmenters’ and ‘salvagers’! ‘What does that mean?’, you ask? It means that we take the time to separate all of the things you class as ‘rubbish’ and avoid taking them to landfill.

Over the years, we’ve learnt that everyone’s perception of ‘rubbish’ is different. Through our connections, we’re able to donate, recycle and upcycle the belongings you no longer want. We’ll do our absolute best to ensure nothing goes to landfill. So, you’re doing your bit for the environment.

We stop around 552 tons of waste from going to landfill every single year.

Garden shed and garage clearance

Have a shed or garage that you’ve been putting off clearing for a fair while? Remove the items you want to keep, then we’ll come in and sort the rest. We’ll salvage whatever we can and either donate/recycle/upcycle it. It’ll help our environment and save you several trips to the tip and some backache!

End of tenancy

This is one of our most popular services. Whether you’re moving out and relocating; or a tenant has left your property in a bad condition, we’re experts in end of tenancy clearances. All you have to do is remove anything you’d like to keep (or pop it in a box in the corner with a sheet over it) and we’ll come in and remove everything for you.

Then, when the property is clear, we’ll return and clean it. We can even liaise with painters/decorators to make sure the property is in perfect condition to go back on the market.

Office and business clearance

Moving or vacating offices and don’t have the time/staff to get the leftover items disposed of? No need to worry! Clear and Clean House Clearance can sort everything for you. We’ll come in, sort through, segment and remove all items in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Nursing home clearance

Downsizing or making the transition into a nursing home? We have lots of experience making this (sometimes emotionally difficult) situation as stress-free as we can.

We can work with families and adapt our processes to make things as smooth and easy as possible, at quite a stressful time.

Estate agent packages

Last but certainly not least, are the packages we put together for estate agents. We work with estate agents all across Gloucestershire to ensure their clients have a trustworthy and competent house clearance company they can rely on. Vice versa, if we work with clients who haven’t yet chosen estate agents, we make a lot of referrals directly to local agents that we work with.

One of our most popular estate agent packages is our House Removal Declutter Package. This is a clearance which is staggered from the initial booking date until the day of the final clearance. We conduct the clearance over a gradual period of time so the client can see progress being made, rather than doing everything in the few days before the move out day.

And what’s better? Clients don’t pay until completion!

If you’re looking for a reliable house clearance company to help with a clearance/rubbish removal; or if you’re an estate agent looking to partner with a reputable and hard-working business, give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We’ll be happy to have a chat and provide a free, no obligation quote.