Reasons and tips to declutter your home/garage

There are times in life when things will get on top of you. During these times, your ability to get on with daily tasks such as cleaning, removing waste etc. will seem unthinkable. This can happen if you’re suffering with burn out, have a bad work/life balance, are going through a bereavement, struggling with mental health etc.

During these times, things (items/belongings/waste) can build up and up and up until before you know it, you’ve become a hoarder. Hoarding is an illness and there is help available to deal with it. See one of our previous blog posts for more information including NHS guidance.

We always say that “a clear house is a clear mind”. Therefore, if your house is cluttered, your mind is cluttered.

Here at Clear and Clean House Clearance, we are well-accustomed to working with hoarders. We’re aware of the emotional attachments to items and the mental strength it takes to even consider combatting the problem. We work sensitively with our customers, as little or as much as they like to ensure they’re getting the support they need during a difficult time.

Many people don’t realise the risks that gathering clutter in your home or garage poses. We’re going to tell you about some of them in the hope that if you’re struggling with hoarding at the moment, it points you in the direction of the start of your journey to decluttering your home/garage.

Reasons to declutter your home/garage:

1. Avoid vermin

Clutter that’s scattered around your home and garage can attract vermin. Things such as boxes/fabrics will attract the vermin and they can make nests and ruin any potential valuable/sentimental items you have stored.

2. Avoid slips, trips and falls

Having boxes of clutter scattered throughout your home or garage can be a huge falls risk.

3. Helps cleanliness

It’s very hard to clean a home which is cluttered. Lack of regular cleaning can cause hygiene and health issues.

4. Create more space

As we said above, a clear house is a clear mind. Plus it gives you space to do things you wouldn’t normally do due to space restrictions.

5. Decide what’s important

Sometimes, you can feel emotionally attached to lots of objects. Over time, you can lose track of which objects hold more importance. Decluttering can help you decide which items are actually the most important.

6. It looks more presentable

If you’re trying to sell your home, estate agent pictures will be so much more attractive if there’s no clutter and lots of open space, making the property look bigger.

Some starter tips for decluttering your home/garage:

1. Work room by room

Having a whole house and/or garage to declutter can be daunting and is a big task. Our guidance would be to tackle one room at a time and don’t move on until that room is finished.

2. Decide which items have strong personal/sentimental value

Start by boxing the items which you would never, ever consider getting rid of. Then you can decide what to do with what is left over.

3. Seal boxes

If you really don’t want to get rid of some items and you’re storing boxes, start with ensuring that the items are boxed and taped properly. Especially boxes holding fabric. Then place these boxes on wood, off the floor. This should detract vermin as much as possible.

4.Remove what’s left

Coming to terms with getting rid of the leftover belongings from your home is hard. But now having to physically remove/dispose of them yourself is even harder. Everyone has emotional attachments, and this is normally the most difficult part of the process.

How Clear and Clean House Clearance can help

If the thought of going through the above process alone is difficult, we thought we’d let you know how we help.

  • We work with you as little or as much as you need, working sensitively to help you decide on the belongings that you’re keeping/removing from your home/garage.
  • Once you’ve decided what the essential items are, you can leave the rest to us unless you’d like to be involved.
  • We’ll first go through and segment all leftover belongings. The really great part about using our service, is that many people can’t cope with the fact that their belongings will just be thrown away.
  • However, we salvage as much as we can. We segment all items and use our relationships with charities, up-cyclers, recyclers and scrapyards to ensure that all of your items that can be salvaged, will live on. Also helping reduce landfill.
  • We then remove the segmented items so they can go on to their new homes.
  • We provide sensitive and emotional support through the whole process, letting you be as involved as you’d like to be.

If you’re looking to start the journey of decluttering your home/garage, get in touch for a free, no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.