Making completion day as stress free as possible: An estate agent’s guide

Trying to make your client’s house sale/purchase go as smooth as possible can be challenging sometimes. There’s so much to sort out, solicitors, chains, completion dates, moving dates. Even for the most organised and experienced estate agents, it can be stressful trying to get everything in order. That being said, it can be the same for rental properties!

We’ve worked with a lot of estate agents over the years. We’ve developed fantastic relationships and even refer lots of our own clients to these agencies, if they’ve not chosen one yet.

One of the most common areas of concern that we see on a daily basis, is trying to ensure the property is ready (and to a good standard) on time. Because this doesn’t just affect the person moving into the property, but the person moving out/selling and the reputation of the estate agency too.

To combat this concern, we provide a unique service to estate agents’ clients where we conduct a house removal/clearance on the clients’ behalf which is staggered over a few days. This means that all the client has to do is choose the belongings they’d like to take with them, and we’ll do the rest (including clearing and cleaning the property).

So, with our many years of experience, here are our tips on estate agents making a house removal/clearance as stress free as possible.

1.Develop a partnership with a trusted house clearance company

If you have a client who doesn’t seem very proactive or perhaps an elderly client who isn’t capable of clearing their property, it’s a good idea to suggest that they use house clearance company who will do everything for them. But how do you know the best companies to choose? How do you know who’s reliable and who provides the best service?

It’s a good idea to do some research around your local area, e.g. googling ‘House Clearance Gloucester’ and phone a few companies for a chat. Most house removal/clearance companies have direct partnerships with estate agents so the conversation should flow easily in terms of how your relationship with them would work.

Once you’ve had a chat, checked out their website/reviews and got a gut feel for the company you’d like to work with, let them know and get the ball rolling!

2.Refer the house clearance company to your client

Once you have a direct partnership, you can start referring clients (buying or letting) to the house clearance company. Usually, the client would phone us for a chat, and we’d give them a free, no obligation quote. If they choose to go ahead, we can work on dates to suit them and get things in the diary.

You can explain to them that using a house clearance company to help with their property removal/clearance is a great idea because the team can come in and manage the whole project. The client won’t have to do anything (unless they want to) and they can approach their moveing deadline knowing that they don’t have anything to do/worry about.

3.Let the house clearance company take over

Once you’ve made the referral and the client has booked in with us, there’s nothing to worry about. So you can focus on other important things. We’ll normally commence our House Removal Declutter Package (dependent on the client’s preferences). This means that rather than go in and clear the property over consecutive days, we’ll stagger the removal over a period of time.

We’ll arrive on agreed dates to package belongings and segment items and then we’ll return on the final date to clear everything. Clients tend to prefer this because they can see progress being made over a period of time. We’ll also leave clients a ‘care package’ of items they’ll need easy access to when they move (cutlery etc.) and what’s even better? We’ll return to clean the property to an extremely high standard so it’s ready for the next owner/tenant.

We’ll also either donate/recycle/upcycle unwanted items, ensuring that nothing goes to landfill. And the client won’t pay a thing until the final moving day; when things will go smoothly without them having to lift a finger.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! If you’re an estate agent who is keen to start developing a relationship with a house clearance company in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury or Gloucestershire/surrounding areas, get in touch.

Give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat.