How to stay sane when moving home over Christmas

Moving home or clearing a property can be stressful at the best of times. Moving home over the busiest season of the year can really take its toll on everyone involved.

Many of us get some well-earnt time off work and are lucky to spend time with our loved ones; but the run up to Christmas can be quite hectic. Between organising Christmas lunch, gifts and trying to fit everyone in; having to move home during this period isn’t ideal.

There may be some circumstances where moving over Christmas unavoidable. For example, if you’ve been waiting for your new home to complete, or a loved one has sadly passed away and you need to sell their home sooner rather than later. In these situations, there are some important tips you can take into consideration that will hopefully help you manage.

1.Organisation is everything

The key to staying on top of things when moving home over Christmas is organisation. Are you a list person? No? Well it’s time to become one! Start planning things as early as you possibly can.

Start boxing things you won’t need in the coming weeks; contact the utilities to cancel/create new accounts; anything that can be done before the move, plan a day to get it done! You could even use a free project management tool like Trello and feel the satisfaction as you get tasks ticked off.

2.Label all boxes

One of the mistakes many people make is not labelling their boxes. This is frustrating on a normal house move, never mind over Christmas when you may need things you don’t normally need! A top tip from us is to label boxes by room, rather than item.

3.Start making an ‘essentials’ box

If there are things you know you’re going to need over Christmas that you don’t need now, start packing them together early. For example, your children’s new Christmas Eve pyjamas, their favourite bedtime Christmas book, the special occasion cutlery/dining set, your party shoes etc. This way you’ll know you can easily put your hands on the important things you need.

4.Go somewhere else for dinner

If you’ve just moved home, you’re still living in boxes and you have some home improvements to do, we doubt you’ll want to host Christmas dinner. So why not go somewhere else? If you have family who are local, maybe you can go there. If not, why not consider eating out? Just make sure you book nice and early to guarantee a reservation…

5.Separate your Christmas presents

When you’re moving home, a lot of unwanted items won’t make it to your new house. To avoid losing/accidentally throwing away Christmas presents, you can separate them into their own boxes. Or, you could consider asking a family member if you could keep the presents at their house, so you know they’re safe.

6.Get someone else to do the clearance for you

You may laugh at this point and think ‘if only it was that easy’. Well the fact is, it is that easy. Companies such as ourselves specialise in helping people just like you in moving home/clearing properties.

With our house clearance declutter package, our family-run team gets your belongings packed into boxes for you in the weeks before the move. We’ll then move everything across to your new home on moving day, remove any unwanted items/furniture and return to clean the old property.

We have a huge focus on the environment, so none of your belongings will be taken to landfill. We always do our best to use other methods such as recycling, upcycling and donating to charity.

You can have as much or little involvement as you’d like, meaning if you just want to enjoy the Christmas period with some shopping/present wrapping, you can! We can do everything for you. And not only that, but we won’t charge you a thing until the move is finished/your property has completed sale.

Our friendly team have been undertaking house moves/clearances through Gloucestershire for many years and we’re the most reliable, kind and trusted house clearance company in the area. We come widely recommended by clients, estate agents and solicitors thanks to our unique and caring approach.

If you’re moving home over Christmas, or have clients that are, give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We can pass on some friendly advice, answer questions and give you a free quote too. Christmas is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable times of the year, full of family and relaxation; let us help you enjoy it.