How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Many of us are making more of an effort with being environmentally friendly in our day to day lives. When we start this journey of becoming ‘greener’, most people begin by changing one thing at a time until the new processes begin to replace our old behaviour.

You may be relatively new to this process – perhaps it’s your first festive period as an eco-friendlier household. From a professional house clearance company, here are a few tips to keep things as ‘green’ as you can this Christmas.

1.Avoid/recycle disposable tableware

If you’re having people over for a boxing dinner lunch or a new years’ day brunch, it can be tempting to buy a cheap packet of paper plates/cups and straws and avoid doing the washing up afterwards.

In Hong Kong, during 2018, over 4,000 tonnes of plastic cutlery was found in landfill. Landfill poses a huge threat to the future of our planet. By using reusable tableware (or recycling the plastic we do use) we can help prevent further contribution to landfill (you’ll save yourself some money too!).

2.Recycle/re-use wrapping paper

Over Christmas, we produce 30% more waste than usual. Did you know that? A huge contribution to that 30% is wrapping paper.

This year, when the dedicated family member is collecting the scrunched-up wrapping paper from the floor, tell them to make sure it goes in the recycling bin. Also, be sure to remove any tape/ribbons etc. before you dispose of it.

Alternatively, for the less excitable, adult-sized present openers, the wrapping paper may actually still be in good condition. You could consider salvaging it and re-using it next year!

3.Dispose of your Christmas tree carefully

Regardless of whether you have a real or artificial tree, if you’re planning on getting rid of it in January, think carefully of how you do so.

If it’s artificial, you could donate it, sell it on, or even look into recycling schemes.

If you’re getting rid of a real tree, there are a few options. You could recycle it, donate it or re-plant it in your garden. We’ve seen clients of ours keep their tree for next year, strip it of its spindles, spray paint it white and have it for decoration in the front garden. It could be an opportunity get creative!

4.Re-use/donate Christmas decorations

Lots of people decide to renew their Christmas decorations after a few years. They may want a new colour scheme or just fancy a fresh start. If this is you, rather than throw your old decorations away, box them up neatly and think about selling/donating them.

There are lots of families out there who may not be able to afford expensive new decorations, so if you’re selling them relatively cheap, you may make their day! Alternatively, you could consider donating them to hospices, charity shops and so on.

5.Re-use Christmas cards

You may find Christmas cards sentimentally important, in which case, this may not be for you. However, if your family regularly send new Christmas cards, consider keeping last year’s cards and displaying those instead. Then you can tell everyone not to worry about sending cards this year. This is a great way to do your bit and not contribute to the purchasing of cards and the packaging they come in.

Also, if you’re not a keeper of Christmas cards, be sure to recycle them once Christmas is over.

We hope these tips have given you some food for thought and will help you in your bid to be more eco-friendly this festive period. As a house clearance company based in Gloucestershire, we play a big part in the prevention of landfill. Therefore, our green ethos is something very close to our hearts.

If we can ever help with your house removal/clearance needs, let us know!