How to conduct a ‘green’ house clearance

With the increased focus on being ‘green’ over the last few years, organisations (and individuals) such as ourselves, are trying to do their best to sustain our planet. With every house clearance that we undertake, we ensure we are always keeping the planet’s best interests at heart.

As science is getting more advanced, we are continuously learning what damages our planet and subsequently, what alternative actions we can to switch to, to prevent any further damage. Over the years, we’ve adapted our house clearance method so we’re more and more environmentally or ‘eco’ friendly.

A huge contributing factor of global warming is the release of methane into the air, which happens when certain materials (like plastic) decompose in landfill. We, as a nation, are trying hard to minimise the amount of methane being produced. And now, with the younger generation getting on board willfully, we can expect big change in future years. Every little change helps, but really, we need to see mass-change all over the world, starting from now. We believe this comes in the form of education and truly ‘doing your bit’ and making the effort to help.

We’re here to show you how we at Clear and Clean House Clearance are ‘doing our bit’ to help the environment.

1. Our Ethos

Our whole ethos is about being green. We think this is the most important part as we aren’t just being eco-friendly when we can or when it suits us, we actually base our house clearance methods around the environment. The environment has been considered in every part of what we do, and we only act in its best interests.

2. Recycling

huge part of being environmentally friendly and reducing the production of methane is actually recycling plastic instead of throwing it in the waste bin. This is why one of the biggest (and most time consuming) parts of a Clear and Clean House Clearance is the segmentation of materials. Everything is separated using our colour coding regime and then we recycle absolutely everything that we can.

We have built fantastic relationships with recycling centres over the years which shows our life-long dedication to helping save the planet.

3. Salvaging cleaning products

It’s very rare that we buy cleaning products. We will normally salvage them from house clearances, so we aren’t continuously buying plastic.

4. Time & Money

You may have read about cafe chain, Boston Tea Party in the news recently. They have completely banned single-use cups, meaning unless you bring your own, buy a reusable cup, or pay a deposit, you can’t have coffee to-go. This has cost them £250,000 as they’re down 25% on their annual takings. But they’re happy they’ve made the right decision for the environment.

What we’re doing here at Clear and Clear House Clearance is very similar. It would be so easy for us to arrive at a house clearance, pack everything into one van and take it to a landfill site. We would finish jobs so much quicker and fit in more time to work with more clients. But we don’t, because we understand how much of an impact this landfill would have on the planet in years to come.

On a monthly basis, we stop around 46 tons of materials from going to landfill. That’s over 552 tons a year. These are items such as generic bric-a-brac, bed sheets, pillow cases, towels etc. This is because we take the take the time to carefully segment house clearance items and recycle/upcycle/donate absolutely everything that we can.

If you’re looking for a house clearance company who genuinely cares about its clients and the environment, then you’ve found the right one. Give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a chat alongside a free, no obligation quote.