how the process works with estate agents, why they use you, how they’d be affected if they stopped using you etc. etc.

works well – trusted professional – extra mile for their clients

work together eith estate agent

makes it easier for them

david directs clients, laiise with estate agents

david passes on referal for clients who haven’t picked estate agents yet

client doesn’t have to worry about getting out in time, hosue being presentable

– packages – recoomended as removal companies – when client down sizes – david goes in slower processes, segments house and dclutters, gets ready for removal

boxes, labels, segments thing they want to ckeeop

House Removal Declutter Package – All under one roof.

some 5 day options

few days before removal, finish off packing, leave care package of pre moving stuff cutlery etc.

then go in and clean, and remove everything

slower process – they can see progress. – package – wuote and pay at the end

– estate agents