How do I book a house clearance company?

When it comes to choosing a company for more or less any service, the decision-making process of who to choose can be tricky. Are you choosing the right company? Are they reliable? Will they show up? Will they get the job done on time? There are so many unknowns involved. And, things can be become more complicated if you’re an indecisive person, or maybe a bit of a worrier.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we understand that it can be difficult to put your trust in a company you’ve never used before. So, we’re giving you some tips on how to decide on and book the best house removal/clearance company for you.

1.Does your estate agent/solicitor have any recommendations?

We work really closely with both estate agents and solicitors in Gloucestershire. These types of businesses are always really keen to work with us because they know we’re a hard-working and reliable business who go above and beyond to help their clients. They understandably want to refer their clients to someone they know they can trust, so asking if they can refer you to any house removal/clearance companies is a good starting point. Plus, you’ll feel a bit more at ease using a business that comes with multiple recommendations.

2.Google is your friend

If your estate agent/solicitor doesn’t have any recommendations, or you’d like to look at some other options too, head to Google. Googling terms such as ‘House Clearance Gloucestershire’ or ‘House Removal Tewkesbury’ will display lots of relevant businesses for you to have a browse through.

3.Check reviews

A great way to check the reliability of a service you’re thinking of using, is seeing what kind of experience previous customers had. We understand that it can be hard to let strangers into your home and handle your belongings. That’s why we always ask our customers to leave us a review – to help people like you be assured that you can trust us.

4.Phone around

If you’ve narrowed it down to a view different house removal companies and you’re not sure where to go from here, give each business a call.

It’ll quickly give you an insight into the company, their values and probably availability too! At this stage, we’d also give you a free, no-obligation quote too.

5.Check their website

When you’ve come to a decision and it’s time to make the booking, check their website to see what their process is. Most house removal companies will be reachable by phone/email. Some may use online booking systems. Each business will differ.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we always suggest giving us a call to book. That way, we can have a chat, learn about you and your clearance/removal and make sure we can help in the way that you need us to.

Every house move is totally unique to the homeowner and we put a lot of effort into making the move as unique as possible per client.

We’d also add that in our many years of working in this industry, we guarantee there’s nothing we haven’t seen. So if you’re worried about something, or are perhaps going through a difficult time, please let us know. One of our many strengths is tailoring the whole experience to you, including ensuring you have the support you need to get you through the move.

If you’re currently looking to book a house removal/clearance company in Gloucestershire, or just have some initial questions, give David a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. He’ll chat with you about your needs, let you know our availability and give you a free quote too. We’ll be more than happy to see how we can help.