House Clearance Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Whilst we were writing our recent FAQ blog post, we realised just how many questions we get asked on the daily that would be useful to share. So, we kept some of them back to create a part 2 of the blog post to help you out even more.

Whether you’re conducting a house clearance because you’re moving on, are tackling hoarding or a loved one has passed away, the process can be very daunting. You may also be nervous because you don’t know what to expect.

Whilst we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call with any questions you may have, it’s also a good idea to take a look at the below, just incase we cover anything you may not have thought of. So here goes part 2 of House Clearance FAQs:

Does a Clear and Clean House Clearance include cleaning the property after the belongings are removed?

Yes, it does. After we segment and remove all items within your property, we will return and clean it. This includes cleaning carpets, cupboards, skirting boards etc. We’ll get the property ready for ‘pre-sale’ or for whatever it has in store next.

Do Clear and Clean House Clearance work with Decorators?

If your property requires re-decorating or freshening up at the end of the house clearance, we are used to liaising with decorators in order to complete the project. Just let us know who you’d like to use, what they need to do, and we’ll happily work with them.

Are you environmentally friendly?

‘Green’ is very much Clear and Clean House Clearance’s ethos. Our way of working has been developed entirely with the environment in mind. We are thoroughly committed to providing a sustainable service for our planet.

Now is more important than ever to do as much as we can for the environment. We never buy non-recyclable cleaning products. In fact, we rarely buy cleaning products at all because we always salvage them from house clearances and then recycle the waste afterwards.

We do everything in our power to avoid taking items to landfill. Items are recycled, upcycled and donated to fantastic causes. This obviously takes a lot of time and work, but we do it to ensure we’re doing our ‘bit’.

We stop approximately 552 tons of waste going to landfill per year.

Do I need to bag everything up for you?

The answer here, you’ll be pleased to hear, is no. Lots of people think they’re being helpful by pre-bagging the items that need clearing before we arrive. However, we have our own processes and we need to be able segment everything individually to ensure we’re doing the best for the environment.

What do you do with the items I don’t want?

All of the items you no longer require will be put to good use. Anything that still has some life left in it, such as furniture, will be taken to be upcycled. Anything deemed good enough quality will be donated to charity shops or donated to a fantastic cause that takes items out to Africa for poor families. And almost everything else will be taken to a recycling centre and segmented properly.

We still think there’s plenty for you to learn more about. So, keep an eye out for FAQs part 3 soon. And if you have any other questions, or you’d like a quote, feel free to get in touch on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.