Estate Agents House Removal Declutter Package

If you read our last blog post, you’ll know that we do a lot of work directly with Estate Agents.

When Estate Agents are dealing with the sale of a property, the property owner may request a recommendation for other trusted companies to work with. As there are lots of clearance companies out there who aren’t licensed/insured, it can be tricky to find a reliable house clearance team to help.

For this reason, we work directly with Estate Agents and develop a trusted partnership. Having a trusted recommendation option gives peace of mind for both the agent and the client.

Estate agents work with us because they know we’re a reliable, family-run business who always go the extra mile for our clients. We liaise with both the property owner and estate agent to make life as easy as possible for all parties.

Plus, it works both ways. We work with lots of property owners who haven’t yet chosen an estate agent yet. So, we often make referrals back to the estate agents too.

Using a house clearance company to clear a property is a great way of ensuring everything is ready and presentable in time for the property sale.

The House Removal Declutter Package

We offer a unique package to clients that we like to call the House Removal Declutter Package. This is a segmented house removal that is staggered over seperate days over a period of time; rather than in a block of consecutive days. We have a few different options for this package, for example, a 5-day option. It’s carried out to suit the client and the deadline they’re working towards.

How it works

This package introduces a much calmer and slower house clearance. We gradually bring the team in to start the process of segmenting the items in the property, decluttering, getting ready for removal. We spend the initial days doing this, boxing and labeling things the client would like to keep.

A few days before the removal, we finish off packing. We provide a care package of carefully selected items the client will need for their house move. For example, cutlery, plates, sheets etc. So the client still has all the essentials!

Then in the final days, we come back, remove everything and either donate/recycle/upcycle any unwanted items (always avoiding landfill). We then return to the property for cleaning and to ensure it’s ready to hand over to the estate agent/new buyer.

As mentioned above, this is a much calmer and slower process where clients can see progress happening over time, without them having to do anything at all.


We simply provide a quote for a package at the start of the project & the payment is made at the end, once the clearance has been completed.

This is a great way of making sure everything is completed to deadline and that the progress of the clearance is being managed to a high standard. This way, the seller, new buyer and estate agent are all happy with the final quality of the property.

How to enquire

If you’re an estate agent who is looking to partner with a reliable and trusted house clearance company; or a potential client who needs a house clearance company to work with directly; give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We’ll be happy to have a chat and give you a free quote!