Clear and Clean House Clearance Topics

1. Preparing for a house clearance

Deceased – go around and take our personals, photographs, sentimentals, get family around see what they want and take it or earmark it and we will deliver it and just charge for fuel. Saves hiring a van.

If getting it on the market with agents, we do a lot of work for them and they believe a house sells better when a house is cleared – get us to do It before as it adds value when looks cleaner and bigger and better presented

Clients find it useful to us to bag it up first – but really it hinders us – what you class as charity, may not be right. So easier to take what you need and leave it. Worst thing is to bag – separate for recycling, wegithe tc. We get charged by weight.

Waste comapnyies don’t take tyres, fridge freezers, batteries, plaster board – makes job more difficult

Colour coding

Don’t panic about us – we won’t landfill it all. Found money in the past -we are a trusted – look at reviews. Personal touch.

2. Why you should avoid using skips and use waste removal instead

Skips – cannot put attresses tvs fridges paint tyres plasterboard etc. – extra costs. You haven’t got a driveway you need a road lisence about £100. £250+VAT for 7. But all goes to landfill

We use our luton van and we segment it all on our van and burn it rather than landfill it.

Cost to them, injuries etc.

3. Waste management & recycling in Gloucestershire – bins etc.

4. What to do with your unwanted furniture

We use charities -dumping grounds someone else’s proble. We give good things to charities that will tell straight away.

Getting charities out to house clearance – the drivers come and choose – they reject lots of items with scuff marks, scratches etc. quite picky – we know a lot of charities, they take a lot more off use because of the quality.

Lower grade charities take the 10-20£ items – if it’s scraped won’t sell it.

Hire van costs, time etc.

Upcycler -our friend Julie -rather than waste it, she’ll totally upcycle it and give it a new lease of life – help them live on.

5. Recycling electricals (computers and phones etc.)

Fridg freezers need to be decommissioned before scrapping (some scrap yards don’t take them) Smaller electricals – ours go to someone who sends them off to 3rd world countries to be reused Old electricals go to companies wwhere they’re separated components to be reused.

6. Ways to put an end to ‘waste culture’

Stop producing waste – upcycling comes on – buing recycled products

Use big tonne sacks for waste rather than black sacks – minmised the black sacks

All about reusing things – stuff no value, give to the organisation who sends things to third world country – to be used or reused or donated

We save 15 tonnes a month of generic bric a brac, bed sheets, pillow cases, towels etc. from going to landfill – send to third world countries.

  • Paper magazines cardboard books – 9/10/15 tonnes goes to paper recycling
  • Metal – 8 tonnes a month – gets broken down
  • Wood – 4 tonnes a month doesn’t go to landfill
  • Furnitures – ¾ tonnes a month – reused and resold on
  • Generic – bric a bric – 3 tonnes