Choosing the right House Removal company in Gloucestershire

Realistically, how many times in your life do you do a big house move? 3/4 times at the most? On a list of ‘tasks we undertake least throughout our lifetime’, moving to a new house would certainly be somewhere near the bottom. In comparison to tasks such as cleaning, gardening, cutting the grass etc., you could say that most people are fairly inexperienced with moving home; because it’s not something they do regularly.

That being said, even if you’ve had more than the average amount of house move experience (by helping out friends & family over the years), you may realise that you need a calmer & easier process this time. And that’s exactly what Clear & Clean House Clearance are here for.

Many people don’t even realise that companies like us exist, so end up struggling through, trying to get everything done themselves. When it comes to a house removal; we’re the whole package. We pack everything, clear it, remove unwanted items, transfer belongings & even return to clean the property. And we don’t charge a thing until after the move.

So, with the task of a house removal being quite personal, how do you choose the right house clearance company that’s best for you?

1.Think of your values

What do you value in a trusted company? Letting a new company into your home is a big thing for anyone. You need to make sure you do your research and find out about the company’s ethos. Do they have a personal approach? What are their team like? Are they compassionate? Will they treat your belongings with respect? These are all things you need to analyse when researching different companies.

2.Look for reviews

The thought of letting someone into your home to pack and transfer your belongings can initially be a little stressful. To put your mind at ease, you should choose a company you feel you can trust and that has reviews from real people. You can check their website, Facebook & also Google profiles for reviews.

3.Are they licensed & insured?

Every professionally house removal company must be licensed and insured. This is to ensure they remove waste appropriately; you aren’t faced with any unexpected fines and both parties are covered in the event of an accident. This is one of the first questions you should ask a house clearance company and if they can’t answer it, you should avoid using them.

4.Do they have experience in your type of removal/clearance?

Some removals/clearances are more niche than others. If you’re dealing with clearing a property after the death of a loved one; or you’re a hoarder who needs help decluttering, this requires a special, more caring approach. And not every removals company in Gloucestershire will have this.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we are a fully licensed and insured house clearance/removals service based in Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves on providing the most personal, unique and caring removals/clearances throughout the county and nothing is ever too much for us.

As well as classic clearances/removals, we also specialise in carrying out clearances for families who have lost loved ones and helping hoarders declutter. We have years of experience in these fields and are continuously referred by professionals such as estate agents & solicitors.

We have regular reviews from our fantastic customers which we hope will reassure you that we are a trusted, well-known company who just want to help others.

If you’d like to enquire about our services, we’d be more than happy to have a chat. Give David/Joanna a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.