8 tips to reduce rubbish and improve recycling

With global warming on the rise and the lack of reduction in the contribution to landfill, we think it’s safe to say that our current generation are realising that they have a responsibility to future generations. The responsibility is to raise awareness of global warming and put a stop to actions which are accelerating it. We can do this by reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill.

Landfill is bad for many reasons:

  • Greenhouse gases

    When landfill decomposes, it causes the production of methane which contributes hugely to climate change. And it’s scary that enough methane is produced in average landfill to run a power station.

  • Leachate

    When rain hits landfill, it ends up creating an offensive ‘liquor’ called leachate which contains lots of toxic salts which can contaminate our land.

  • Toxins

    Landfill will contain materials/toxic chemicals that harm the environment when broken down over time.

A lot of the time, up to 50% of items that end up in landfill ends up being paper that could have been recycled. If the paper had been recycled, it could’ve been put to good use in saving energy/resources/trees etc. And this is currently seen as the biggest area of saving the environment that we can help with. So here are 8 tips on improving recycling habits:

1. Do your research

One of the biggest barriers to recycling is people know being aware of what they can and can’t recycle. It’s a good idea to check out your local council’s website to check a list of the things you can choose to recycle instead of throwing away. And then it’ll become normal everyday practice after doing it a few times. It’s only easy when you know.

2. Pre-plan

It’s a good idea to have a dedicated recycling bin or carrier bag near your bin that you can pop your recyclable items into. This will stop recycling cluttering your worktops and encourage you to recycle more.

3. Take something out every time you leave the house

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated recycling bin inside your house, remember to take something out with you every time you leave. If you’re going on the school run, popping around your neighbour’s for a cuppa or heading to the post office, just take the items out with you to pop in the bin.

4. Keep on top of your bin days

Having an accessible recycling bin will mean that you’re never tempted to pop recyclable items into the waste bin which will contribute to landfill.

5. Get into a routine

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. What’s 3 weeks? Absolutely nothing. Get into the strict habit of recycling for 3 weeks and that will hopefully set the foundations for a whole life of recycling ahead.

6. Do your research

Like anything, learning why you’re doing something will make you more passionate about it. Not only that, but if you are starting to feel passion, you can easily encourage friends and family to start recycling too by informing them of the important reasons why.

7. Buy recycled products

uying recycled products and then recycling them again can be a fantastic way to help the planet.

8. Donate more

If you’re throwing away items that can’t be recycled, consider whether than can be donated. Charity shops/upcyclers usually cry out for donations. And this way, you’re doing your bit to avoid the contribution to landfill.

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