7 important houses clearance tips

We’ve spoken about house clearance processes before. We’ve also spoken about how to find the perfect company to help you with your clearance. But what are the next steps? Now we’re sharing the things that we tell our own clients before their clearance, to give you an idea how to prepare.

1.Decide on your involvement

We support lots of different types of people with house clearances. From families who want minimal involvement and would like us to take care of everything, to long-standing hoarders who require our sensitive support; the level of input you have is completely decided by you. Just let us know and we’ll accommodate your needs.

2.Choose the items you’d like to keep

If possible, try and choose the items you’d like to keep and either remove them, or place them in the corner of a room with a sheet on top of them. We can deliver them to you later if you require… and we’ll only charge for fuel.

3.Don’t pre-organise things

Yes, you read that right. Lots of clients (with the best intentions) try and organise the items for clearance ahead of time, to try and help us. However, this usually causes us more work. Our ethos evolves entirely around the environment and as part of our compulsory procedures, we sort through every single item and decide on whether it goes to a charity shop, upcycling centre or recycling centre. Although we really appreciate your intentions, please avoid doing this to save us time.

4.Let us know any local charities that are close to your heart

If you feel particularly passionate about a certain charity and would appreciate us involving them in the clearance, let us know. We pride ourselves on personalising each and every house clearance and where possible, we’ll try our best to honour any requests such as this. This can be particularly comforting if you’re clearing a loved one’s property who’s passed away.

5.Don’t panic

We know that using a house clearance company who you’ve not used before can be a little daunting. But we can’t reassure you enough that we’re a kind, personalised, family-run business who just want to help people. We conduct house clearances through Cirencester and surrounding areas of Gloucestershire and are well-respected through these areas. For some extra reassurance, take a look at some real reviews from real customers who’ve recently used us.

6.If you have questions, let us know

If you’re worried about something or would just like to get answers to any questions you have, give us a call. You can call us at any time, on any day, and if we’re free, we’ll always pick up the phone. If for some reason you can’t get hold of us, there’s lots of information on our blog/FAQs page that may answer any questions you have.

7.Keep us updated with changes

Whether your completion date has changed, or there’s a sudden influx of severe weather, things don’t always go to plan with house moving dates. If this happens, don’t instantly panic. Give us a call and we’ll try and help you work around it. We try to be as flexible as we can and will always try and accommodate your needs, even if they’re last minute changes.

If you’re looking for a house clearance company in Worcester, Gloucestershire or surrounding areas who has you and your family’s best interests at heart, then give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. You’ll speak to our Director, David, who will be more than happy to have a friendly chat and give you advice/a free, no obligation quote.