6 tips to help put an end to waste culture

Many people see recycling as an additional household chore. They see it as an extra bit of rubbish that they need to organise and sometimes don’t have space for. The truth is, every material that goes into landfill that could’ve been recycled is damaging our planet and will continue to do so for years to come.

We think that the mission of our generation is to raise awareness of the damage that landfill is causing, and encourage everyone to stop contributing to waste culture.

You may be thinking ‘easier said than done’, but did you know that research suggests it only takes 21 days to form a habit? So 3 weeks of changed behavior and you could start to see your new, environmentally friendly ways, as a part of your daily routine.

Here are 6 tips to put an end to waste culture when conducting a house clearance:

1. Stop producing waste

It all comes down to stopping actually buying the things that are producing waste.

At Clear and Clean House Clearance, we make it our mission never to produce waste. So our clients can always be assured their waste/rubbish/belongings will be removed and disposed of/donated/recycled in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

2. Use big ton sacks

Rather than multiple black bin bags that are made from plastic, and therefore will contribute to methane pollution when decomposed; use ton sacks instead which ensures we aren’t contributing to global warming.

3. Recycle

It’s all about re-using/re-purposing things rather than letting them end up in landfill. Ensure you recycle every single product that can be recycled to prevent it ending up in landfill. This ensures it will be reused/turned into something else.

We have excellent relationships with recyclers and recycle 100% of everything that pick up which is recyclable, which means we literally go out of our way to be help the planet.

4. Donate

Things that you think have no value may hold value to someone else. Make donations or use our services to help with your house clearance because we work with organisations who send our donations out to third world countries to be reused.

5. Upcycle

Think about all of the trees that are continuously being cut down to make brand new furniture. If you’re fancying a change, consider either upcycling your furniture, or finding a piece of already upcycled furniture. Then you can be sure you aren’t contributing to the demand for brand new furniture.

Likewise, when needing to get rid of furniture, think about donating/selling it to an up-cycler who will give it a new lease of life, preventing someone else down the line from purchasing new furniture.

We have good connections with local upcyclers who ensure that furniture gets put to fantastic use for more years to come. This transferal of furniture from your house to them is included in the cost of the house clearance.

6. Buy recycled products

Make a special effort to purchase products that are made from already-recycled materials. Then when you recycle it and re-purchase a recycled product, you can be confident that you’re doing a huge amount for the environment.

We salvage good quality cleaning products and other items from house clearances. Then we ensure they’re recycled when they’re empty.

As being environmentally friendly is our ethos, we plan every clearance around the safe disposal of whatever materials we collect from your property. Over the space of a month, we recycle/donate an estimated 15 tons of generic bric-a-brac, 8 tons of metal which gets broken down, 4 tons of wood, 4 tons of furniture which gets donated/up-cycled and around 15 tons of paper which goes to recycling. That’s over 46 tons a month which we prevent from going to landfill. That’s 552 tons a year.

If you’d like a free, no obligation quote for your house clearance, be it full or partial, be sure to give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.