5 reasons to declutter in January

If you didn’t need to declutter your home before Christmas, chances are, you do now. With endless gifts, Christmas decorations, packaging etc., things can get cluttered very fast. If you’re partial to hoarding, this can make your living conditions even more cluttered, hazardous and stressful than normal.

Working in the world of house clearance for many years, we know that people like to use January to get things back into order. We help families/individuals with everything from full house clearances, to decluttering, to full support for hoarders who are taking the next step in their hoarding journey.

Here are 5 reasons why decluttering your home in January is a good idea.

1.Start of a new year

What better time to have a fresh start than a brand-new year? There’s something extra motivational about the first few weeks of January. They seem to make people focus on the changes they’ve been wanting to make for a while.

You can wave goodbye to the year that’s passed and make the changes that will start this year off just as you want it to.

2.A New Year’s resolution you can stick to

There are so many New Year’s resolutions that get broken only a few days into January. No refined sugar for a whole month, going to the gym three times a day, training for an ultra-marathon when you don’t regularly run.

Taking the big step to declutter your home in January can mean that you’re making a realistic resolution that you’ll be more inclined to stick to.

3.Start as you mean to go on

So many of us use the excuse ‘I’ll start on Monday’, or ‘Maybe I’ll do it at the start of next month’. What is it about starting/changing something mid-week/month that some of us don’t like?

What better time to seize the moment than at the start of a brand-new year (and this year, decade!)? Hopefully this means the whole family will be more likely to upkeep your fresh, decluttered home environment for the whole year.

4.It’ll help with the post-Christmas madness

There is usually a lot of extra ‘stuff’ around after Christmas. Extra rubbish, toys, recycling, food, furniture, you name it. Many homes are at their fullest after the festive period.

Decluttering in early January will help you not only declutter your home in general, but also get rid of any additional Christmas clutter. You won’t have weeks of extra rubbish for the binman or tips to the skip because we’d take it all away for you.

5.You’ll see more of a difference

As homes are normally fuller through December, what with Christmas decorations, new toys, extra bags of rubbish etc., you’ll see a huge difference after decluttering.

We know that the space where the Christmas tree was always seems a little sad in January (and that it secretly feels refreshing). Well how much better would it feel if when you took the decorations down and reverted back to the way things were, they were even more decluttered?!

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we specialise in all sorts of house clearance, but also other tasks such as decluttering/garden clearance etc. Whether you’re a hoarder who needs some additional support with transforming your home to a safe, fresh environment; or your home needs a huge declutter after the Christmas period; we can help.

We are known throughout Gloucestershire for our specialist support for hoarders and kind and unique approach. We will also avoid taking items to landfill at all costs, using alternatives like recycling, upcycling and donation.

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