5 everyday environmentally friendly swaps (part 1)

There is a global ongoing focus on our planet. A large proportion of our generation are doing everything they can to help sustain our current climate. It’s fair to say that global warming is a hot topic for most businesses these days.

As a house clearance company, we focus our ethos completely around the environment. Regardless of whether we’re working on a house clearance in Cirencester, Cheltenham or Worcester, our processes are always the same. We do everything we can to avoid landfill and use environmentally alternatives to a lot of products that are harmful to our environment.

We wanted to tell you about some of those products so you can you have the knowledge to make some environmentally friendly swaps if you want to.

1) Swap plastic bags for a bag for life

This probably seems like the most obvious point to start with, but you won’t believe the amount of people still throwing plastic bags away. After your rubbish bins are taken away, those bags are then taken to landfill where they either end up being eaten by wildlife or sitting and emitting greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. Did you know that plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade?

Next time you buy bags, make a note to put them back in your car and remember to take them with you. Either that or invest in a shopping bag that you love to encourage you to remember it.

2) Swap plastic water bottles for reusable ones

One of the ways we can help the planet is by reducing plastic consumption. One way you can do this is by purchasing a reusable bottle (and coffee flask!) and not buying plastic bottles anymore.

3) Swap cotton makeup pads for reusable ones

Items like cotton makeup pads may do the job of removing you/your partner’s makeup, but after they leave your home, they end up sat in landfill contributing to climate change. Cotton has a really big impact on our planet and negatively impacts all of its surrounding environment by spreading harmful pesticides.

A brilliant alternative to throw-away cotton pads are reusable pads which can be washed, just like other items of clothing. Some of these packs even come with bags that you can wash them in to keep them together.

4) Swap plastic laundry detergents bottles for reusable jars

Yes, you heard us right! There are now several companies in the UK where you can take your own jars to refill your washing detergents. Just think of all the plastic you’re not buying!

5) Swap plastic packaging food for reusable jars

Yes, you read that right too! Waitrose was recently one of the first UK supermarkets to test this by launching their ‘Waitrose Unpacked’ section. To save on all the plastic packaging you usually gather when doing your food shop, you can now take your own jars/bottles and stock up on pasta, rice, cereal, frozen fruits and even alcohol! Other supermarkets are expected to follow suit in the next few years.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’re so passionate about the environment that we could carry on writing this list for a while. We’re going to continue these points over the next few weeks, so keep a look out for more useful tips.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a house clearance/removals team that are as friendly to the environment as they are their clients, you’re in the right place. For a chat and a free, no obligation quote, give David a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.