4 ways to conduct a stress-free house clearance

There’s no way of getting around it (or so you think). Moving house/conducting a house clearance, no matter what the circumstance, can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Between the organisation, the manual work and the time it takes, clearing a property is difficult.

Many people rope in their friends, pay them with a curry and manage to get most tasks completed in some form of orderly manner. But the stress, heavy lifting and emotional attachment to some items can sometimes take its toll.

Things are specifically hard when you’re having to clear the property of a loved one who has recently passed away (advice and guidance can be found here). Many people are unfortunately in a rush to sell a property when a loved one has died, as they can’t afford to maintain mortgage payments. So they’re forced to face the harsh reality of clearing their family member/friend’s property, much sooner than they’d have liked. We see this a lot. And this is where Clear and Clean House Clearance come in.

We have an overwhelming amount of experience in dealing with ‘deceased estates’. We not only provide house clearance, but a sensitive, person-centered approach which help families all over the region. Here is how we help make the process easier for our clients:

1. Help with personal items

Firstly, we ask you to choose the items you want to keep. We call these ‘personals’. When a loved one passes, in amongst their belongings, there’ll undoubtedly be items that family members would like to keep in order to remember them. This is probably the most emotionally-difficult part of the process for our clients, but we try to make things as easy as possible.

If you can’t manage to take the items from the property yourself, we ask you to box them, cover them with a sheet and place them in the corner of a room. We will then collect the personal items and deliver to them you later.

2. Segmentation

After the personals are dealt with, we can begin our process. We go through the property and segment the belongings leftover. One of the main things that people find upsetting about clearing a property after someone dies, is that their belongings will be thrown away. We make sure this isn’t the case if it doesn’t need to be.

We have excellent relationships with local charities, recyclers and up-cyclers to ensure that all belongings that still have life left in them can go on to live longer. We also have relationships with scrapyards to ensure that we aren’t contributing to landfill. This usually gives our clients a lot of comfort.

3. Donation

Once we’ve segmented the belongings, we will then clear the property and take the segmented items to be donated to their chosen destination.

4. Cleaning the property

Once the property is clear of belongings, we will begin the cleaning process including skirting boards, floors, cupboards and more. We can even liaise with painter/decorators if needs be and coordinate the whole process.

It’s a good idea to get the above complete before the house goes on the market and even before getting the estate agents involved. This means that the house will be clear, clean and uncluttered for photographs and viewings, making the space look bigger and more attractive. It’s all about doing things in the right order.

Once we’ve completed everything, the property will handed back to you in a clear and clean state to go on the market. Your loved ones’ valuable possessions will be delivered to you and the other belongings will have been donated to great causes, avoiding landfill and ensuring someone out there will get some more use out of them.

If you’re unfortunately having to clear a loved one’s property after they’ve passed away, or in another circumstance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a free, no obligation quote.