4 eco-friendly household swaps – part 2

If you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know we suggested some really easy environmentally friendly household swaps.

We’ve spent years focusing our ethos around the planet and really perfecting our practice for the sake of our environment, so we could chat for hours around this topic.

As a result, here is the second part of last week’s blog post to help you reduce as much waste as possible.

1. Swap plastic straws for reusable ones

Plastic straws are really dangerous to the environment. As well as ending up in situations where they can cause animals harm, when straws are broken down, they release chemicals that harm the environment too.

Choosing not to use straws or investing in a pack of reusable ones can be a great way to help the planet.

2. Swap cloth nappies for reusable ones

This is one for the families out there. With 3 billion nappies being throw into waste every year, they easily make up 2-3% of all yearly household waste. Majority of nappies are non-recyclable and have to be thrown away with general rubbish. This means that they end up having a negative impact on the environment via landfill/being burnt.

Reusable cloth nappies are popular alternatives to normal, non-bio-degradable nappies. You may initially be unsure about this swap, but we think you’d be surprised at the number of households/nurseries around the UK who use this alternative. As well as the environmental positives, cloth nappies also have other benefits such as comfort, reliability… and cost!

3. Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea

You may not know this, but many tea companies actually use a small element of plastic in the production of their tea bags. This means that when you’re disposing of your tea bags, you should do your best to avoid putting them in the general waste bin. This is because they’ll end up in landfill, contributing to the production of greenhouse gases and environmental pollution.

A really good alternative to tea bags is loose leaf tea with a tea strainer. You can pick these up in most supermarkets and they’re a really cheap investment.

4. Swap landfill for the charity shop

Conducting our services throughout Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, whether we’re helping with a house clearance in Worcester or Cirencester, we always find the same – people are shocked at how much we salvage.

We know that when you’re having a clear out, one big trip to the tip can seem like the easiest option. The fact is, if you’re decluttering, we’d put money on the fact that a lot of what you’re getting rid of is still fit for use. Just think of the money you’re literally throwing away if you take everything to landfill (plus the environmental damage it’ll cause in the long run). Taking that extra journey to the charity shop can do a lot for the environment (and for your conscience).

It can be hard to declutter, move home or clear a house if you’re struggling for time. We’ve literally developed our service around people like you, so we can give you as much support as you need, when you need it. From sensitively assisting hoarders with decluttering, to taking charge of the whole house clearance, we can help in any way that you need us to. For a chat and a free quote, get in touch with our Director, David today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.