3 things we do with the rubbish we collect

One of the many things that daunts people when facing a large house clearance is not knowing what to do with the ‘rubbish’ left over. Due to time constraints, many people stick with the easy option of putting everything in black bags and taking them to the tip. Although this may seem like the easiest way, it’s by far the least economical. Most people don’t like doing it but feel it’s their only option given the time they have.

We’re here to tell you that this isn’t the only way and we can show you how. We think the main thing to point out now is that yours and our idea of ‘rubbish’ is totally different.

Here are # things we do with the things we pick up from house clearances:

1. Upcycling

That old, dusty cupboard in your back bedroom? That 1950s armchair that’s a little bit weathered? That large dark wood dresser that you can’t even remember your grandparents’ house without? We would never class any of these things as ‘rubbish’. We take items with potential like these from your property and straight to our connections with charitable up-cyclers.

Not only will the item get a new lease of life and go to a charitable cause, but it prevents further contribution to landfill. And you won’t need to lift a finger.

2. Recycling

When faced with the reality of having to clear a whole property on a timescale, in amongst other priorities, it can be easy to get daunted. As mentioned above, many people will go for the easy option and simply take everything to the rubbish tip. Normally because they don’t have time to go through everything and categorise it.

As part of our house clearance process, one of the first steps for us is going through the property and segmenting the leftover belongings. A huge proportion of those belongings will be further segmented into paper/metal/glass/plastic/wood etc. and then taken to recycling centres.

3. Donating

As we said above, what you see as rubbish isn’t always what we see as rubbish. We salvage up to 90% of items from a house clearance. A lot of the items you may have taken to the rubbish tip, we will donate to local charities. We also do a lot of work with charities who take donations out to countries in Africa.

You can rest easy knowing you aren’t contributing to landfill, your/your loved ones’ belongings are living on and also benefiting a fantastic cause.

Our clients always say the best thing about this process is that we do it at no extra cost. Many house clearance companies will charge you extra to segment, recycle and donate leftover belongings from a property. But not Clear and Clean House Clearance.

We want to help you whilst helping the environment.

If this sounds great to you and you’d like a free quote with no obligation, give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We look forward to hearing from you.