3 things not to do with your unwanted items

Having a big clear out is good for the soul… not to mention good for your storage space! Whether you’re trying to declutter in general or doing a house clearance; one of the biggest annoyances of having a clear-out is knowing what to do with the things you don’t want.

It can be so tempting to buy a set of black bags and take a few trips to the tip. But this way, you’re contributing towards landfill which is damaging our planet daily.

We’re always shocked when we ask clients, ‘what would you have done with all these unwanted belongings had you not used Clear and Clean House Clearance?’; and they tell us they’d have gone to the tip or used a waste removal company off Facebook.

So, we thought we’d put together some tips for what not to do with your unwanted items.

1.Don’t use an unlicensed rubbish removal company

It can be tempting to go for the cheaper waste removal companies that are advertising on Facebook. The difficulty here, is that it’s hard to know whether they’re licenced or not. Unlicensed waste removal companies are known for taking your rubbish and dumping it down country roads/in open spaces.

These people are often known as the Facebook Fly Tippers. Then, when the rubbish is dumped, it’s likely to get reported to the council. If there are any items (such as letters) which lead back to you, you could be faced with a hefty fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months in prison.

If you want someone to come and remove items for you, contact a reliable, licenced company (like us), who will remove the items in the most environmentally friendly, ethical way possible.

2.Don’t put items on the street

You should never put a ‘FREE’ sign on an item and leave it in the street for someone to take. This is because it could be considered fly-tipping and you could be fined in the same manner as the above point.

3.Don’t take it to the tip

Your last port of call should be landfill. Landfill is filling the earth, polluting our air with gases and massively contributing to global warming. Your first port of call for any items you no longer need should be donation (to charity shops/up-cyclers etc.) and recycling every single thing that you can.

We know this can be time consuming, but the alternative is hugely damaging to our planet. If you’re considering bringing someone in to help, be sure that they are committed to looking after the planet. Here at Clear and Clean House Clearance, we’ll come into your property, segment absolutely everything you need clearing and then use our connections to remove everything ethically.

If you’re stuck for what to do, or don’t have the time to get rid of everything in the environmentally friendly manner that you’d like to, give us a call. We’re a friendly and reliable house clearance company who are used to dealing with all sorts of clients.

If you have any questions or would just like a chat and a quote, give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.